Employee Relations

Three Simple Ways You Can Set Your Employees Up To Succeed


One of the biggest factors that contributes to employee success or failure is a the manager’s ability to create an environment that helps their team members excel. When leadership is invested in the success of its workforce, employees are more productive, more engaged, and more likely to help drive the organization towards its goals. Understand Your Organization’s Vision and Strategy Employees cannot be expected to succeed if they don’t fully understand where they fit into…

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Made That New Hire? What’s Next?


Congratulations. After spending considerable time, energy and money, you’ve found that perfect new hire. Next, shouldn’t the same sort of care and attention that went into finding that employee be invested into preparing for his or her arrival? Companies spend weeks, even months, recruiting for a position; a job description is written, the job ad is placed, qualified applicants are phone screened, top candidates are personally interviewed and reference and background checks are completed before…

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Terminating an Employee? What NOT To Do!


Employee terminations are never easy, no matter the circumstances. But unfortunately, they are necessary. In order to protect the organization and maintain the employee’s dignity, it is important for management to follow proper termination procedures with fairness and consistency. Avoiding some common mistakes can help managers get through the uncomfortable task while protecting the company from damaging scenarios.

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Employee Benefits: 5 Essentials


What employee benefits does your business offer?A great benefits package helps attract new talent, but retaining existing employees may be a different story. Depending on their stage of life, many prospective hires often consider benefits second only to salary as an incentive for coming on board with a new employer. Unfortunately, once hired, many employees tend to forget that benefits are part of their total compensation. The longer employees hold certain benefits, the more likely…

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Loud & Clear? How Communication Improves HR-Related Outcomes

Is your human resource department making the most of their communication channels? Sometimes the answer to this question isn’t immediately apparent. Every company has a communications channel—even something as simple as giving employees their paycheck communicates a message. Some companies use elaborate strategies to “waterfall” information down through their hierarchy. Other companies might prefer a more lateral approach to communication by aiming messages and information at all employees at the same time. 

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Why You Need to Provide Clear and Consistent Feedback to Your Employees


Do you provide your employees with feedback regularly?Employee performance management systems encompass far more than annual reviews or feedback forms. Formal evaluations and written performance appraisals are not enough; employees need regular feedback to know what’s expected of them and how they measure up. Yet in a large survey conducted by WorldatWork, 58% of organizations rated their performance management systems as “C Grade or below.”

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Why Time is of the Essence When Attracting and Retaining Employees

Every business wants to hire high caliber employees that are creative, cooperative and generally more productive. But in order to do so, you must keep in mind that the recruiting process is more calculated than posting a few “help wanted” ads. In fact, it often comes down to a question of time, with many employers not providing a large enough window to conduct the proper measures to effectively fill a position. Remember, the ideal candidate can…

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The Keys to Developing Honest Employees

How important are ethics and moral principles to an organization? Over the years, I’ve been asked a wide range of questions from job seekers who want to keep parts of their past from being discovered. Some of these concerns are a result of actions in their personal lives: “Will a D.U.I. impact my chances of getting hired?” or “I was convicted of a crime, is this relevant?” However, more than a few have admitted to…

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How to Boost Employee Moral With Factual Feedback

Did you know that properly conducted employee evaluations have the ability to boost morale, decrease turnover and cut costs? Evaluations are a crucial part of employer-employee relationships and have been shown to heighten company spirit, with the end result being a relaxed atmosphere and increased productivity. Appropriate and timely feedback can lead to solid work practices and decreased anxiety, as employees know exactly where they stand. So where do you begin? Here’s how to ensure…

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Love Your Team? Here’s How To Keep Them!

You’ve hired someone and they seem to be the perfect fit. They have passed the interview process with flying colors and you believe they have the potential to excel at their job and really contribute to your company. One question however is looming in the background: How will you ensure retention of the talent you have just acquired?

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